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ALMATEC’s A-Series made of plastic has been developed on the basis of extensive experience in the production of pneumatic diaphragm pumps and offers numerous advantages meeting market requirements.
Six sizes with max. delivery volumes of

0,6 m_/h (A 08)
1,2 m_/h (A 10)
3 m_/h (A 15)
6 m_/h (A 25)
18 m_/h (A 40)
32 m_/h (A 50)

make it possible to choose exactly the right pump for the specific application.
A variety of materials is available for the A-Series pumps:

Housing – PE, PE conductive, PTFE, PTFE conductive
Diaphragms – EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
Ball valves – EPDM, PTFE, stainless steel
Cylinder valves – PE, PTFE
A-Series pumps made of PE conductive and PTFE conductive meet the ATEX requirements of the directive 94/9/EG.

We have recently sold these pumps into the Chemical, Food, Waste Water, Solvents, Adhesives, Paints and Pharmaceutical industries.

We regularly sell pumps at up to 50% off list price.

All of our pumps are genuine manufacturer products, available from stock for all popular brands.

We also sell spares for all models at very competitive prices. We are often asked for the source of our spares. We only buy manufacturer spares from impeccable sources and offer them at enviable prices. We export to our local European offices for redistribution so delivery is never a problem.

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