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We Don’t Just Sell Pumps, We Engineer Solutions

Established in 1984, Triark is one of the leading suppliers of air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps in the UK. However, we strive to be more than just a trusted supplier of pumps and spares. Having built up unrivalled expertise over the decades, we are keen to advise and support our customers in finding the best product for the job. While we do offer the lowest prices, we are keen to ensure your pumps ensure safety and savings by being the most productive and robust over time.

planning-473x376This is why we offer free site visits to really understand you, and your needs.

Ultimately we aim to make dealing with us simple, cost effective and above all, mutually beneficial. We are not tied to any one manufacturer, so we are able to give you the right pump and parts for your application.

We ship to the UK and mainland Europe next-day and rest of the World soon afterwards. Our operators speak German, French, Arabic as well as English. We make it our business NOT to spend your money in the hope that you keep on coming back to us again and again. So, having read this far, we invite you to contact us now – you’ve got nothing to lose.

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