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Solvent AODD Application

We were contacted by a customer looking for some Stainless Steel and PTFE double diaphragm pumps for their solvent application.

The customer had a preference for Graco, Blagdon and SandPIPER options as they have all three of these brands on site in large quantities already.

The pumps needed to be capable of 1,000 LPH with flooded suction and no more than 1m head, be ATEX II 2 GD rated and have 1/2″ or 3/4″ BSP threaded inlet and outlet.

Our offering was:

1 off D5D311

Husky716 Stainless

1 off X1501SABBTTS

Blagdon B15 Stainless

1 off S05B1S2TABS700

SandPIPER II S05 metallic

All 3 pumps fitted the bill perfectly.

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