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Test Rig – Bespoke Build

Test Rig

One of our regular end users asked us for a bespoke build test rig to test out their 1/2″ AODD’s.

Here is the list of items included in this request:

1 off       Integral water tank

½â€ NB     Rigid Suction and discharge pipework

1 off       ½â€ Ball Valve (suction side)

1 off       ½â€ Ball Valve (discharge side)

1 off       ½â€ fluid pressure gauge (discharge side)

1 off       ½â€ suction pressure gauge (suction side)

1 off       ½â€ nylon flow meter (0-200 LPM); analogue, (discharge side)

1 off       ½â€ flexible discharge hose

1 off       ½â€ flexible suction hose

2 off       ½â€ quick connection (suction and discharge lines)

2 off       ½â€ quick coupling (pump suction and discharge)

1 off       ¼â€ airline

1 off       ¼â€ filter/regulator (airside)

1 off       ¼â€ quick connection (air)

Here is the layout:

Test Rig Layout

Here is the end result:


Do you have any bespoke requirements for testing your Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps on site? If so, let us know how we can help you to achieve this.

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