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Hygienic Diaphragm Pumps & Spares (AODD) for Food and Beverage Industries

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Industry Certifications

  • FDA
  • 3A
  • USDA

Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps can handle a large range of products gently and with minimal shear.
Gentle handling makes them ideal for products with fruit or vegetable particulates e.g. Chutney or Jam.

We have successfully used AODD pumps for shear-sensitive products which need special care, for example whipping cream and pickled eggs.

Maintenance and Hygiene

The ability to CIP (Clean in place) or SIP (Steam in place) makes them ideal for processes which change regularly.
For example, yoghurt where there may be a batch of one flavour followed by a rinse, then another flavour.
These pumps can be dismantled for cleaning with little or no tools required and assembly/disassembly is very quick for more time manufacturing your products.

AODD/Diaphragm Pimps can pump products with very high viscosity, including Mashed potato, sandwich spreads, peanut butter and treacle.

Pre and Post Process Design

Pre-process pumps are generally used when the product is subsequently sterilised by cooking.
These may include pizza toppings or pie fillings. The pumps are 316 Stainless with hygienic connectors Typically of a bead blast finish conforming to FDA.

Post-process pumps are used for products that don’t get further sterilisation by cooking.
Examples of this are yoghurt, cream and cottage cheese.
They are Stainless Steel, but polished to a mirror finish which can be as fine as Ra<0,8 for an EHEDG version

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  • Expert pre-sales advice  with a quick 5 minute call, our friendly team of experts can answer queries, and save you time and money.
  • Experience  we have been serving the Food and Beverage sector both directly and via our distributors for over 30 years.
    Whatever your application, we may be able to draw from our own experience.

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