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Have you ever been asked: ‘Can I Pump the contents of a Cow’s Stomach?’

- Applications, SandPIPER

Sandpiper hdf2A customer called asking if we could help with a rather unusual application. The pump was required to pump out the contents of a cow’s stomach using compressed air as the power supply. The pump would need to be able to handle grass, mushed up foodstuff, stomach lining and blood. The solids could be anything up to 10mm, so that ruled out any ball valve pumps as maximum solid handling tends to be up to 6mm.

Therefore, a flap valve pump was the perfect solution. The customer had already advised that Neoprene was a suitable elastomer for them as they did have previous pumping experience.

We offered a SandPIPER flap valve pump; HDF2, DN6A – 2″ NPT Aluminium/Neoprene – from stock for a next day delivery. We can offer solutions to all applications – no matter how strange or obscure the request may seem!