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Wilden Pumps Obsolete?

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Can you believe that the best selling AODD pump in the world, the Wilden Turbo-Floâ„¢, has been made obsolete?

All of the other manufacturer’s are looking at this decision as a golden opportunity to topple the mighty Wilde Pump Engineering Co., but there’s good reason behind what at first appears to be madness.

Wilden’s M-Series pumps were originally enhanced with their Turbo-Floâ„¢ air distribution system. That change brought with it several improvements to enhance the operation of the pump, while keeping the pump dimensionally identical. At that time, all pumps previously referred to as M-Series were referred to as Turbo-Floâ„¢. At a later date, the Pro-Floâ„¢ air distribution enhancement was introduced, offering lube-free, anti-stall pump operation, again still keeping the pump dimensionally identical. Pro-Floâ„¢ conversion kits were/are offered to update existing M-Series and T-Series pumps to the newer Pro-Floâ„¢ air valve.

As of November 1, 2007 Wilden made Turbo-Floâ„¢ pumps obsolete, replacing them with Pro-Floâ„¢ pumps to improve lube-free and anti-stall operation.

1. M-Series exploded views and parts lists replaced by the Turbo-Floâ„¢ pump line can be found in the Turbo-Floâ„¢ EOM manuals.
2. M-Series, Turbo-Floâ„¢ and Pro-Floâ„¢ pumps are dimensionally interchangeable
3. M-Series, Turbo-Floâ„¢ and Pro-Floâ„¢ pumps share common wetside components
4. Pro-Floâ„¢ retrofit kits are the most cost effective way to upgrade your M-Series and Turbo-Floâ„¢ pumps.