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Pump Repairs and Refurbishments

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SandPIPER HDF2 Black or Silver111SandPIPER HDF2 Black or Silver1V

After having your pump repaired or refurbished, we can offer you the option of having your pump painted too.

This particular customer always requests that we spray his pumps black after any repairs or refurbishments are carried out.

With regards to the Service Repair we offer for AODD’s, this is a 4 stage process which starts with the disassembly and analysis of the unit in order for us to be able to quote for the repair. Next is the actual repair stage, after you’ve given us the go ahead, using genuine factory components. The third sage is the live testing of your unit once it’s been repaired. We pump clean water through your unit for 1 hour. The final stage is as shown above; the painting of your unit – this is optional and chargeable and only offered for metallic pumps, but is popular with most of our regular customers.

We can accommodate all colours, just let us know your preference!

If you are interested in us repairing, refurbishing or servicing any of your AODD’s, please contact us on 01621 781144 or email us at

We can email over our Terms and Conditions of Repair for your perusal. Labour is charged per hour and the repair will be covered by a warranty too.