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Do We Export?

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Another shipment being loaded for export.

We prepare export shipments daily and we can accommodate all of your personal preferences and requirements. We don’t even charge for packing!

We are fully conversant with export paperwork too.

We have access to various freight forwarders, couriers and carriers, so we can accommodate your needs; be it time critical deliveries, the cheapest option, a preferred logistics company – we can accommodate it all.

We are able to send your goods via air-freight or sea-freight. We can even package your goods ready for you to make the collection yourselves from us.

Whatever your requirements – we’ve got it covered. Discuss it with us on 01621 781144 or email us your questions at


We're proud to be experts in exports and to serve worldwide customers on a daily basis.

Not only are we not tied to any one courier or manufacturer, but our operators speak English, German, French and Arabic. As if that weren't enough, we have GBP Sterling, US Dollar and €uro bank Accounts for your convenience and to avoid bank fees where possible.