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Foamed Concrete

Foamed ConcreteFoamed concrete can be used in various types of ground projects, including stabilising embankments after landslides, highway widening schemes, land reclamation and filling in of harbours. As it does not sink into soft subsoil, redevelopment can begin much sooner.

Foamed concrete is a lightweight, free flowing material that is made by adding special foam to cement mortar slurry. This foam is made from Foaming Agent, a highly concentrated, highly efficient, low dosage liquid which is fed with water into a Foam Generator. Inside the generator, the agent is diluted with water to make a pre-foaming solution which is then forced at high pressure through the foaming lance. This produces uniform, stable foam that has a volume of about 20 to 25 times that of the pre-foaming solution.

It can be placed easily, by pumping if necessary and does not require compaction or levelling. It has excellent water and frost resistance and provides a high level of both sound and thermal insulation. The foamed concrete formed is very stable and lightweight, and will not sink into soft ground or impose undue loading on roofs and other structures. It is very versatile and since it has a huge range of dry densities and strengths, it can be tailored for optimum performance and minimum cost by choice of a suitable mix design.

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