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Ground projects

Foamed Concrete can be used in various types of ground projects, including stabilising embankments after landslides, highway widening schemes, land reclamation and filling in of harbours. As it does not sink into soft subsoil, redevelopment can begin much sooner after application than can using traditional methods. For similar reasons, it is also ideal for road foundations.

The excellent fire resistant properties of foamed concrete makes it an ideal material for fire breaks in buildings where there are large undivided spaces. It is used to prevent flame penetration through the services void between floor and ceiling in modern construction, and also to protect timber floors in old houses.

Foamed concrete reduces the passage of sound, both from background noise and due to impact. It is, therefore, an ideal material for internal walls and suspended floors in multi-storey buildings, especially ones with communal use. We can supply many sizes of foam generators from compact hand held units, up to units incorporated in a trailer with storage tanks and fuel driven compressors and all Generators supplied come with ATEX approved pumps.

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