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Tri-Ark Limited offer a complete pump after care service and our most popular service request is to repair and refurbish Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps. We have repaired so many over the years that we have the experience to turn these around in less than 48 hours (or 24 if you pay a small premium). We are often told by satisfied customers that we are the best. Who are we to argue?

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Take a look at this video which takes you through a recent repair of a SandPIPER Pump.

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Another example is where we took a failed Blagdon AODD pump that has been used to pump concrete which had set hard inside:

We stripped the pump down and used our sandblast equipment to remove all traces of concrete inside and out:

We then fitted new elastomers and new airside components, then rebuilt and tested the pump. It performed at 100% of its claimed factory performance; result! The pump was then repainted in the correct ‘factory’ colour blue:

As Good As New?

Not exactly; we used two-pack paint and then added metallic lacquer for added shine and protection.

Better Than New!

Our paintshop isn’t just for repairs as many of our customers like their pumps custom painted. How would you like your SandPIPER pump? Standard factory silver or Black?

The choice is yours; this client likes his pumps in satin black. We sandblasted a new silver pump then painted it in Two-Pack satin black. We use Two-Pack because when it has cured it is much harder than cellulose and tends to resist petrol, acid rain, sunlight etc. much better than cellulose.

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