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SandPiper: Three Inch Ported Pump 3

Warren Rupp say” For a pump that can pass the acid test, consider the new Sandpiper Nonmetallic Pump Series”. We say “the SandPIPER three inch pumps are another benchmark pump in their plastic pump range. This model is our best selling three inch ported diaphragm pumps. A popular OEM choice, for flow rates up to 901 LPM, look no further. This is a Tri-Ark ‘Premier Pump’.

Models available;

David Rozee, Sales Director’s comment;
“All of the above pumps listed are with ANSI flanges. For DIN porting, change A (position 10) to D with no change in price”.

S30B2P1 Polypropylene / Santoprene / Santoprene
S30B2P2 Polypropylene / PTFE-Santoprene / PTFE
S30B2K1 PVDF / Santoprene / Santoprene
S30B2K2 PVDF / PTFE-Santoprene / PTFE

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