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Versatile pumping

AODD pumps are particularly versatile in being capable of pumping materials from fluidized dry powder to shear-sensitive liquids, viscous liquids and abrasive slurries.

They offer significant benefits over pumps with close-fitting sliding or rotating mechanisms, where the passage of abrasive slurries can cause excessive wear to the moving parts of the pump. This can lead to significant downtime and refurbishment costs. These problems do not arise with AODD pumps. In addition, their large internal clearances and flow through prevent clogging, with the size of solid particles that can be pumped related to the pump size.

There are many materials of construction for the pump body, diaphragms and check valves, including acetal, polypropylene, modified PTFE, Kynar®, aluminium and stainless steel. This allows a wide variety of abrasive fluids to be accommodated, including sludge, slurries and solids in municipal and industrial waste applications. By choosing the appropriate materials of construction, AODD pumps can also be used in hygienic applications in the food and beverage industries for fluids such as beer, finings, milk, wine, tomatoes, strawberries and cherries.

The AODD pump is also particularly suited to pumping viscous fluids, because flow rate is directly proportional to the speed of the pump. When viscous materials are pumped there are friction losses within the pump itself and between the fluid and the walls of the pipe supplying the pump. The AODD pump automatically reduces the pumping rate as viscosity increases, and at the point where the pump can no longer move the liquid it simply stops without damaging itself.

Self priming and dry running

AODD pumps are inherently dry selfpriming, that is, capable of drawing up liquid even when installed above the source liquid level, whereas centrifugal pumps require an initial charge of liquid. This self-priming characteristic greatly helps with physical placement of the pump. It also means that by attaching a hose to the inlet, the pump can be used as a ‘scavenger’, to empty drums, barrels, sumps etc.

This can offer significant cost savings to the user since the scavenging action completely empties the container. Most positive displacement and centrifugal pumps fail if they run dry, frequently because their shaft seals or stuffing boxes may require lubrication or cooling from the pumped fluid. AODD pumps, however, simply run faster when running dry without damage. Air shut-off valves can be added to reduce the amount of wasted compressed air during dry running.

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