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Zenith B-9000

The B-9000 series pump systems are ideal for a wide variety of chemical metering applications.

Constructed from 400 series stainless steel, this family of single stream pumps is ideal for mildly corrosive and/or abrasive fluids at process temperatures up to 700°F.

The B-9000 metering pumps are rated to 1000 psi and flows to 18,000 cc/min.

The B-Series pump systems remain the workhorse for chemical metering applications.

Developed in 1925, these gear driven pumps are available in a variety of configurations resulting in ultimate system flexibility.

These pump systems are capable of pressures to 3000 psi, temperatures to 300 ºF and flows to 36,000 cc/min.

The Zenith 9000 Series was developed as a true precision metering gear pump for application into a variety of industrial processes.

The design utilizes high AGMA standard external spur gears of optimum geometry, enclosed within a close tolerance housing assembly, resulting in a precise volume of fluid dispensed per shaft revolution.

The housing is constructed from a precision ground and lapped 3-plate assembly. The plate assembly is aligned with dowels to allow close control of operating clearances.

This construction method in combination with several proprietary internal features is what ensures Precise, Pulseless and Reliable flow under varying process conditions. Coupled with a pre-packaged integrated closed loop speed control and compact motor driver assembly (AC or DC), Zenith is able to provide the most precise and flexible metering gear pump on the market.

Zenith Pumps has been designing and manufacturing precision metering gear pumps since it’s inception in 1926. Over the years’ Zenith has been distinguished as an innovator in the application of gear pump technology by a variety of industries and end-users.

The 9000 series is Zenith’s latest generation of industrial metering pumps that are based upon years of practical application knowledge, and pioneering research and development.

For years, engineers have relied on Zenith to provide Precision Fluid Handling Solutions for the most difficult pumping applications.

This is why Zenith gear pumps can be found wherever Precise, Pulseless and Reliable fluid metering performance is required.

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